How To Color Stone Veneer

The following information on the best way best to make custom colored stone veneer is geared towards the do-it-yourself community. This posting will insure an advanced coloring technique which can be used with all types of concrete stone veneer molds. Step 1 begins where our basic”How To” page page leaves off.


Basic Items needed

  • Stone veneer molds
  • A Concrete Mix
  • Rags
  • Color Matched Paint

Step 1

Custom Color Matching: Take your color samples into the paint department at the local paint supplier that has a computerized color matching system. Request your custom paint to be made using the highest quality masonry paint available.

Step 2

Blending the Paint: Just mix the paint in a ratio of 1 part paint to 1 part water.

Step 3

Preparing the stone veneer to be painted: The only prep necessary for the stones is saturating them . The water will take the paint deeper into the rocks. There are various methods you can go about saturating the rocks in water. Some people today use a concrete mixing tub and some people today use a water hose.

Step 4

Implementing Paint: With a lint-free fabric dipped in paint. With a water soaked cloth, dab or wipe the excess paint from the surface of the stone veneer. The harder you wash or dab on the stones the lighter the colour will be. Exactly like painting a piece of paper, the stones can be painting with as many different colours as you can fit on the stones.

Step 5

Ready for installation: Paint paint and drying curing aren’t the exact same thing. Bear in mind that the paint is easily scratched during the healing process. Paint is dry to the touch in a couple of minutes at appropriate temperatures, but will take up to 30 days to heal, based on the type of paint kind.

Step 6

Stone Care: Taking water exposure into account will greatly prolong the life beauty of your stone veneer. Daily exposure to water will initiate a procedure called efflorescence. Fundamentally, a white calcium crust will develop and consume away at concrete that has regular exposure to water.

Stones bought at a local provider are scratched up because of excessive handling and stacking. If you would like clean and scratch free stones then you’ll want to NOT pile or excessively deal with the finished product.

Now it is time to add your own spin and you are done!

Happy stone making.