Here are our recommended and inspirational films based on true stories


A movie inspired by the invasion of Normandy in World War II. A battalion of soldiers set out to search for their fallen comrade, Private Ryan, who has lost his three brothers in the war. With enemies on their back and their desperation to save Ryan, each soldier goes through a state of Nirvana where they meet their self. Each one of them discovers their strength to overcome fears of uncertain future.

Schindler’s List

The year 1939, World War II. A German political man wants to profit from the war but needs workers in his factory. What does he do? He hires Jews who are being exterminated under Hitler’s rule. He employs about 300 of them to work in his factory with proper labor arrangements. But gradually realizes, he’s giving them a new life also. He goes through a list of measures to keep his workers safe, so as to maintain the factory running, which in turn also saves Jews from the SS.

October Sky

A simple coal miner from West Virginia, John Hickam wants his sons to follow his footsteps, but unexpectedly both turn out to be pretty smart. Jim enrolls into a football scholarship, and Homer becomes interested in rocket science after seeing Sputnik 1. John disapproves of Homer;s hobby, but Homer starts building rockets with the help of his friends and a Teach Laura Dern, who can provide him with a better life.

A Beautiful Mind

Remember Nash equilibrium from Graduate level Mathematics? Many of us might have forgotten it. A beautiful Mind is the real life story of John Forbes Nash Jr mixed with the biography written by the same name by Sylvia Nasar. From heights of success to dungeons of failure, John faced it all in his life. He made an amazing discovery pretty early in his life and was about to be internationally recognized. But suddenly he gets on a path which takes him on a self-discovery journey, which is painful and scary.

Catch Me If You Can

As kids, we wanted to be a lot of things. Surgeon, Pilot, writer, astronaut, Policeman, etc. There was one guy in history who was many of these things, even before his 18th Birthday! Frank Abagnale was a master forger, and deception was in his blood. He became the most successful bank robber in the history of U.S. Enters FBI Agent Carl Hanratty, who makes the capture of Frank his life mission. But the only problem is, Frank is always one step ahead of Carl.

Coach Carter

Studies and recreation should go hand in hand; we have been listening to this since we were kids. Coach Carter is the story of Ken Carter, who returns to his old high school in Richmond to coach the basketball, team. He succeeds in this, but then player’s academic grades start to fall. After receiving a backlash from parents and authorities, he shuts himself up and withdraws participation from the championship season, determined that the players should excel in court as well as in classes.

Pursuit of Happyness

One of the most emotional films of all times, Chris Gardner, recently divorced and a single father without a job has to take care of his kid. Thrown out of their apartment, now they have nowhere to go and seek residence in shelters where you have to get in line to get bread and bed. Even after landing an internship at a prestigious brokerage firm, they hardly have enough money. But Chris never bows to despair and keeps on working hard for his son to create a better life. Grab some tissues when you sit down to watch this one!